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For whom?

The farm is very suitable as a location for training sessions. For example if you (together with your management team) would like to be in the country without distraction from everyday worries. Experience shows that cooking together offers numerous possibilities to discuss cooperation, and where necessary improve it. In addition, the area is quiet but provides enough inspiration to think about your company mission, the way you communicate and your style of leadership. The farm lies next to a forest, near the largest natural labyrinth of Europe www.labyrinthe-gueret.fr and there is a 'climbing forest' www.lespierresjaumatres.fr with ropes and vines. Participants may act in semi critical situations and may hence be confronted with their behaviour.

You may also think of some type of training in which being far-away-from-home eases reflection as if it were a career planning route. In addition, the location is very suited for mindful meditation training whereby the quiet environment is a stimulus.


Inside the farm's barn we created a classroom with all the necessary facilities available. There are enough places to work in subgroups.

Since there is extensive coaching experience, a co-trainership is possible. You can also leave (part of) the training to us. Please contact us to discuss these options.

The culinary level we provide is high, and here again almost anything is possible. During a talk (in the Netherlands) we'll discuss all the options with you, depending on your budget.

We can receive up to 12 students. If the group is larger, there are alternatives to stay in the neighbourhood.