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Who are we?

Rob Zijst was a teacher of cookery, deputy director at the Hotel School Amsterdam and a restaurant owner. Now he is the face and the brains behind the famous and popular Kookstudio Amsterdam in the Pijp (a district in Amsterdam). Here we give Burgundian cooking workshops as well as the basic techniques of cookery in general.

Alette Lammers has been instructor / trainer at several colleges and currently works as a freelance communications trainer for several companies and schools in Amsterdam and Tilburg. Her style is; 'hard on the content and soft on the relationship' whilst asking provocative questions is one of her strengths. Please contact her to discuss possibilities for training in Lavaud. Also a co-trainer (such as a training actor) is possible. Look at the button 'training' for more ideas.

Hospitality means a lot to us and hence a casual atmosphere. For us, the atmosphere is not 'pinned' or rigid, but relaxed and flexible. Nothing should and almost anything is possible!