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Loose workshops.

If you are on holidays in the Creuse, be it right here or elsewhere, you may feel like 'doing something different'. Something one can learn something from. Well then, take a cooking class for a day or a half day where you and Rob dive into the French Cuisine.

In a half day's workshop you'll get together (there may a cookery group going on) and go to the market to do some shopping. You'll learn something about the quality of products and what to consider when buying. After lunch you start off in the kitchen under the watchful eye of the master. Then your prepared dinner will be served, at which you may invite your fellow travellers. End at approximately 22.30. The half-day workshop starts at 14.00 hours. Only cookery and dining, possibly with self invited guests.

Cost: €80.- for a whole day, €60.- for a half day. Self invited guests are welcome from around 18.00 hours and pay €28 .-