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Go Cooking in the Creuse

We offer the opportunity to follow workshops on the farm for a whole week . The program is best described as "la cuisine du marché" or: we're cooking with the best products we're able to find on the market to create exciting dishes.

The program is roughly as follows:

08.30-09.30: Breakfast.
10.00-11.00: Meeting companions at La Ferme; which is where; what suits ourselves and what not. Followed by coffee.
to approximately 13.00: A drive around the neighborhood, which shops can be found where regarding purchases the coming days.
13.00-15.00: Lunch and break
15.00-18.00: Workshop 1. Menu discussion, product analysis, methods and results. Demonstration of critical techniques, then commencing "mise en place '(= preparation).
18.00-19.00: Break.
19.30: Aperitif. Service amuses.
20.00-23.00: Dinner.

08.30-09.30: Breakfast.
10.00-12.00: To the market in Gouzon. Here we go shopping for dinner. This applies to all market visits: first consider what is available, then discuss it, while enjoying coffee and then decide what ingredients are going to be bought. Back at La Ferme we'll decide upon the final menu and distribute tasks.
After lunch and siesta cooking commences according to the first day's schedule.

08.00-09.00: Breakfast.
09.30: Market at Bourganeuf. Followed by safari on a buffalo farm.
12.30: Lunch in restaurant 'a la ferme'.
After this effort, plenty of time for relaxation.
19.30: Aperitif, followed by an original French casse-croute.

08.30-09.30: Breakfast.
10.00-12.30: To be determined a trip to an organic farm with livestock and poultry.
14.00-18.00: After lunch relaxation. Have a look under "environment" for inspiration. Of course one can also engage in some some culinary efforts: how about a buffalo meat terrine from Bourganeuf? In addition, work on this evening's dinner must be done.

08.30-09.30: Breakfast.
10.00-12.30: Visit market Felletin.
14.00: After lunch: cooking, mise en place, according to first day's schedule.

08.30-09.30: Breakfast.
10.30: Farewell / departure.

Price: €795 .- pp. This amount includes six nights in a double room with breakfast, lunch and dinner. All 'standard' drinks are included, such as coffee, tea, juice, table water and aperitifs. During the course we of course serve fine wines.

Date: 10-16 July 2011