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Creative holiday

You can engage in four creative workshops this week. You can choose painting (two days), photography, stone carving and cooking.

Painting Workshop
Did you know that famous painters (e.g. Monet) from Paris especially went to the Creuse to paint? If you've seen the scenery once you know why! Our teacher knows exactly the best spots to capture and teaches you to look upon nature from a different perpective. You are invited to experiment with different techniques and you will discover where you draw your utmost inspiration from. Our teacher has exchanged the Dutch countryside with the Creuse's and contributes his knowledge and experience with enthusiasm, according to your needs and style.

Carrying our easels under the arm we go out. In nature, we are looking for a nice place to paint, draw and have a picnic like the French do.

Photography Workshop
Like the Impressionists in the 19th century went from the big city to the country to paint  "en plein air '(in the wild), we do this too but instead we're looking through the lens of a camera.
We'll be looking for particular subjects in the French countryside and the authentic French villages nearby.
We will focus on both documentary and nature photography and everything that comes with it: composition, colour, surroundings, atmosphere and how these aspects relate to the subject matter.

Sculpture workshop
Located nearby is the village of Masgot, known for its sculpture. Under the inspiring leadership of Nicole we'll work on a block of limestone. Let your creativity flow and you'll be amazed by your abilities in just one day! We have lunch at the adjacent restaurant. Visit www.masgot.fr

Cooking Workshop
After breakfast we depart for one of the best markets in the area to do some shopping for dinner. First, we have our eyes (and nose!) open to see what tasty ingredients we'll be using. While enjoying coffee we discuss our preferences and only then we purchase our ingredients. When returned we make up the final menu and we get to work under the chef's watchful eye.

Cooking takes place in our spacious well equipped outdoor kitchen.

Note that also in this week nothing is obligatory and almost anything is possible. For example if you like to paint and carve stones and leave cooking to another (but you like good food...), then don't feel encumbered and just do what you like. Look under "environment" for ideas.

During this week, a Dutch (also English speaking) guide is present to guide you through a walk in the woods. She knows the region very well and is very enthousiastic.

The cost is € 750 .- per person. You will get: full board based on a double room, including all drinks. You choose from four workshops of about 6 hours. This program can be modified according to your needs and ideas.
Dates: 24 to 30 July 2011
             21 to 27 August 2011