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Learn how to cook in one week

Within one week you will learn the basic techniques of cooking. A rather intensive week in which we alternate theory with much practice, of course inspired by French Burgundian life. Every evening we enjoy our homemade culinary creations. To take a sneak preview: a warm summer salad with quails and grilled vegetables, risotto and fish in salt crust and a clafoutis for dessert.

In five days we treat the following topics: fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, sauces and desserts. The lessons are taught by our experienced chef Rob. He has earned his spurs at the Hotel School Amterdam holding sway since 10 years at the famous Amsterdam Kookstudio where this course has been a success for many years. look for photos on our site: www.kookstudioamsterdam.nl

nu weet ik eindelijk hoe ik een bouillabaisse maak!







After breakfast we go shopping at local markets where we particularly focus on recognizing good products. Then we treat the theory consistent with the themes of the day. In the afternoon we start practicing e.g. by cutting techniques and various methods of preparation. That way you'll gain insight into the cooking process and understand what's actually happening inside the pots & pans and ovens.

After some necessary relaxation, we'll take care of the 'mis en place' for the 4-course dinner that evening where we put knowledge into practice. During dinner strong focus is laid on the layout of the plates and the temperatures of the dishes to be finished 'a la minute'. In all, you'll be cooking 6 to 8 hours a day!

You will stay in a spacious double room at the farm or in a deluxe stall barn room.

Price: € 950. This includes the all-inclusive package, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner for six nights. All drinks, coffee, tea, apéritif, table wines and fine wines during dinner are included. The materials used for the lessons as well as the use of aprons, books, etc. are included.

Dates: 17 to 23 July and 7 to 13 August. The course will commence with a minimum of 6 participants with a maximum of 8.