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The region

Green, tranquility and space.
The region offers a scenic landscape with meadows, forests and picturesque villages. It is a rural, beautiful area which has changed little in the last 100 years. The region is an offshoot of the Central Massif of France and therefore rather hilly www.tourismelimoges.com. The Creuse is renowned for being the green heart of France www.tourisme-creuse.com. That's why the French speak of 'La France Profonde': the true, original and untouched France. It is an area where you can enjoy life in the French countryside because of its its nature, peacefulness and space. The Creuse, together with the Meuse, is one of the less densely populated areas in Western Europe. The weather in summer is quite pleasant with temperatures between 24 and 31 degrees www.meteofrance.fr.

Nearby Lavaud is Ahun (6 km) where There's a nice market on Wednesday. Moutier d'Ahun (7 km) has a Romanesque church, a cosy terrace and a Roman bridge next to which one can swim in the Creuse and picnic.

Guéret is the capital of the Creuse (13 km) with a Saturday morning market, a shopping area and pleasant terraces with wifi.

Aubusson www.ot-aubusson.fr is known for its tapestries and art galleries, charming shopping area and the best bakery in the Creuse.

Crozant is a very picturesque old town where in the past painters from Paris used to travel to to work www.paysdunois.fr.

Large cities nearby are Limoges (80 km), capital of the Limousin, famous for its porcelain. We provide useful tips! A little trip to Montluçon in the Allier (70 km) can be combined with a visit to Évaux-les-Bains with its hot therms www.ot-evauxlesbains.fr. See the 'Journees Découvertes' for a short stay, especially for back aches or tired legs.

Les Pierres Jaumâtres (megaliths from the ice age) has a survival course www.lespierresjaumatres.fr, ideal for a day out with the kids or an outdoor training.

There are several castles open to the public; Chateau Boussac is very worthwhile and within cycling distance is the particularly interesting chateau Villemonteix. www.chateau-de-villemonteix.com.

An interesting place to visit near Lavaud is Castle Chantemille, opened in the summer months on tuesdays in the afternoon.






Located near Guéret is Courtille with a beautiful lake nearby, ideal for swimming; a park with wolves www.loups-chabrieres.com, and a garden featuring Europe's largest natural labyrinth www.labyrinthe-gueret.com.


Vassivière Lake (at 40 km distance) in the south is the best known of the many lakes in the Creuse. You can go canoeing, kayaking, sailing, swimming and fishing. Fishing is allowed, provided one is in the posession of a valid licence which can be obtained in most cafes and town halls. On Sundays there are often antique markets or 'vide-greniers' (attic sales), also being the favorite Sunday pastime of the French, where they buy and sell unnecessary or redundant goods. One can enjoy lunch at a reasonable price amidst the 'couleur locale'.